Night Owls Love Pizza and Poker
Full of Fun, Comfort and Surprises!

In your dorm room!!

Pizza and Pajamas is a Unique Gift Basket Idea for
College Students

What to do on Super Bowl Sunday? Eat pizza – of course -
…. and play Texas Hold ‘Em in yourdorm room with your friends after the game.

Pizza is always a Big Deal – and especially on Super Bowl Sunday when there is usually a “full house.” It’s the perfect time to order everyone’s favorite pizza and organize a free poker game showdown with relatives, family and friends.

Be a Night Owl. Stay up late and enjoy some poker and pizza. And while you're with friends, plan a trip to Philadelphia for some great Philly Fun - concerts, museums, restaurants, clubs, anything you want.

Enjoying a game of “free poker” - hold-'em, fold-'em and play without risking a dime, - or your t-shirt or boxers shorts - is one of the best ways for players, especially newbies, to have fun and learn how to hone poker-playing skills. To learn the rules of the game – the “how-to” - check out these websites to understand the differences between a flush and a straight flush, four of a kind vs. three of a kind, straight or a two pair, and a high card.

What is Pizza and Pajamas?

Pizza and Pajamas is a unique gift basket -- delivered in a pizza box -- in the mailbox.
Our Pizza and Pajamas college care package includes a pizza coupon for a large pizza, limited edition t-shirt and boxers, branded product placements, and, of course, our very own stress ball. Pizza and Pajamas is about FUN, SURPRISES AND COMFORT! Order an Original 101 Pizza and Pajamas care package for your college student TODAY!

The mission of a Pizza and Pajamas college care package is to eat, sleep and be happy. If you would like to know more about this unique and surprising form of packaging, advertising and product placement, contact