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summer vacation accent is on Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia is the 4th largest metropolitan area in the country. Like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, which rank above Philadelphia, each has their own set of pizza choices.
Best of Philly
Best of New York

Best of Los Angeles
Best of Chicago

NBC Channel 10, Philadelphia, PA is even conducting their own “Where is the Best Pizza” survey. Help ‘em out! If you are a Philadelphian – resident or visiting - “Share a Slice” of your favorite pizza news with NBC 10! Where Is the Best Pizza?

In addition to eating pizza, a visit to Philadelphia would not be complete without touring landmarks and landscapes such as Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, Rittenhouse Square, the Water Works, Philadelphia Art Museum and many more places of cultural and historical interest. Night views of Billy Penn atop City Hall down Broad Street are particularly captivating for Philly’s sleepover visitor’s package. And, be sure to check out those Philadelphia Eagles during the in the fall football season! For now, peruse Philadelphia’s new blog - uwishunu to discover even more fun stuff about Philadelphia -- including the gophila images in our pizza recipe page Lid Links!

Philadelphia is Pizza and Pajamas' top destination for vacationing. We hope you visit it soon!

Eat, Sleep and Be Happy!

Eat, Sleep and Be Happy in Philadelphia!