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Perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea - Comfortable Shoes!

How much is a Mom worth? A new study says stay at home Moms are “worth” almost $140K. Mom's Worth

So how can college students compensate their Mom on Mother’s Day? Pizza and Pajamas unique gift idea – shoes. Comfortable shoes!

Whether you are the type of college student who goes for the traditional gift, the gift to impress, or the super-cute gift, comfortable shoes are a perfect fit for any category. The following are suggestions from Pizza and Pajamas:

Super Stylish Shoes – Cole Haan shoes. Nike has joined with Cole Haan to provide footwear that is both fashionable and functional by adding Nike Air technology to a line of its dress shoes. This Nike Air technology is sneaker-style cushioning hidden under the heel and ball of each shoe, which makes even four-inch stilettos even cozier to kick around in! Shoes

Tastefully Traditional – What’s more ordinary than sandals for shopping. Flip a coin and check out all the options at . Yay! – It’s Spring – and Mother’s Day!

Impressive and Inexpensive – I like gardening and practically live in Crocs and Clogs. Crocs even have a “collegiate model” for college students and Moms to share! Crocs

Simple Spa Slippers – Ah, vacation, sleep. Every Mom’s dream. Pizza and Pajamas especially likes the Acorn Spa Wrap and Thong slippers. With terry wrap comfort, colors like lime, easy to care for - machine wash and dry, and skid-resistant tread – the ultimate slipper. Slippers

Whatever shoes you choose for your Mom on Mother’s Day, 2007, be sure to tuck in a favorite coupon for pizza – and – deliver in person.

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Happy Mother's Day!