Pizza and Pajamas Back-to-School Marketing Idea - Is It Cardboard or Content?

College Students Love a PIZZA PARTY IN THE DORM ROOM!

Dorm Room Surprise

In 2007, the number of college students, aged 18-30 will be the largest in history.
That’s a lot of pizza parties in the dorm room!

Nielsen’s measurement of TV viewing on college campuses began this past spring providing
a greater understanding of this generation’s media habits. Companies such as Comcast
already know this having recently launched Penn State on demand.Penn State on Demand

Cardboard or Content?

IMAGINE yourself a college student in your dorm room, eating pizza in your pajamas:

Texting friends on cell phone – Pizza Party in Dorm Room 212 – 11 p.m. TONIGHT!
2. Watching TV – if there is something on TV worth watching
3. Updating Facebook profile, watching MySpace videos, “researching” with Google
4. Chillin' – reading the college newspaper, or a magazine
5. Listening to music - iPod or the campus radio station – while studying
6. Putting plans in motion for a major Halloween and Super Bowl dorm party
7. Sleeping – a little
8. All of the above

Pizza and Pajamas is an emerging, direct-marketing product/service platform that is not simply a customer-relationship management tool – but a long-term, relationship-building gift box. Pizza and Pajamas is a player beyond paper and ink. We are a college care package and a content website producing entertainment, information and products. Pizza has always been a social food to connect people enabling both affinity and attention. Nowhere is this more evident than on college campuses. Back-to-school marketing used to be about lunchboxes. Consider small, medium and large. Could a branded pizza box be the new collegiate lunchbox? Is it cardboard, or is it content?

Google recently hosted 80 education information-technology leaders at its Mountain View, California headquarters to give a preview of its product suite called Google Apps. Jeff Huber, Google’s vice president of engineering was quoted stating that Google was targeting schools because “the education environment is where you have leading edge users.” Wall Street Journal, author, Ben Worthen, concluded, “Remember, today’s students are tomorrow’s business leaders.” Google Apps

Pizza and Pajamas is engaging Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing phrase "Turning strangers into friends and friends into customers". Afterall, what college student is going to say “No” to pizza. A branded pizza box. Is it cardboard, or is it content? Pizza and Pajamas agrees with Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO of Kodak's Graphic Communications Group in Rochester, NY. “Print is the new interactive media.” New Interactive Media

Pizza and Pajamas is open to any and all strategic business alternatives. Invite us to your table to challenge our imagination and gain insight, or exclusive rights, to our patent-pending process on how to develop marketing/advertising programs across all media.

Contact: Sylvia Dombrowski, Content Director/Owner - - or call us at 856.854.7078.