Incredible Pizza Recipe

Christmas Eve - "Pizza Pilgrims"

College is a community and pizza is often viewed as the social connector for college students on campus. At Christmas Holiday break, college students become "Pizza Pilgrims". December celebrates pizza not just in the dorm room, but college students everywhere, home for Christmas break, are “talking turkey” on living room couches and at favorite local pizzerias.

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The Wall Street Journal reported in 2006 that there were nearly 70,000 pizzerias in the U.S. today. Pizza is one of the world’s most popular restaurant foods, and homemade pizza recipes abound in cookbooks in homes across the United States. Pizza is a social food, and making homemade pizza anytime, or around the holidays, is a great way to celebrate family, friends and fun. College students can plan now to invite their roommates and new campus friends to their homes during Christmas vacation to make a favorite Pizza and Pajamas pizza recipe. Everyone likes to try a new pizza recipe and Pizza and Pajamas has a White Christmas Pizza recipe for you and your friends to have fun with and enjoy.

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